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When wearing your new Invisalign aligners, there are many benefits when wearing these clear aligners. This includes straightening your teeth without the annoying application of metal braces, give the resemblance of nothing on your teeth, and is a perfect solution when you are looking for a quick fix! Not to mention if you are an athlete in a contact sport, you don’t want the danger of cutting your mouth on braces.

Here at Orthodontic Associates of Little Neck, we want you to use the full benefits of Invisalign. Follow these tips for a better Invisalign experience:

1. Cleaning Your Aligners: People have different preferences of how they clean their aligners, but you want to make sure you clean them when you take them out. This includes brushing with a soft toothbrush, rinsing with warm water, or even soaking them in a purchased cleaning product.

2. Multiple Cases: Don’t throw away your last retainer you wore in case you lose your current one. Then you can wear the previous one until you get back to your dentist to get it replaced.

3. Travelling Kit: Keep a bag on hand with an extra toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste, and even an extra case to help protect your clear aligners when travelling.

4. Allotted Time: You only have 2 hours during the day to take out your aligners, so time yourself and put them back in when the time is up.

5. Only Water: Be sure to carry water around with you when you get thirsty. You can remove them when consuming other beverages and foods which is included into the 2 hours a day you can have them out.

6. Switching New Aligners at Night: It can be uncomfortable when you get your new set of aligners, so a good time to change them is at night, so you don’t play with them during the day. If needed, take a pain reliever to help with the new adjustment.

Take care of your Invisalign aligners to ensure they last throughout the alignment process. If you don’t yet have this great straightening products, contact Dr. Iacovetti and our professionals at our office in Little Neck, New York. Give us a call at 718.224.0040 today!