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Do you have a malocclusion that needs to be treated with orthodontic care? A malocclusion is a condition in which you have a bad bite in your mouth. Oftentimes, malocclusions arise due to improperly rotated teeth or teeth that do not function as intended. Listed below are common types of malocclusions to be aware of:

– Spacing malocclusions arise when there are spaces between teeth, or your teeth are too overcrowded.
– An overbite is an issue in which your upper incisors extend out past your lower incisors.
– At times when a misplaced midline occurs, the center of your upper incisors does not match the center of your lower incisors
– An open bite is an instance in which the top and bottoms of your teeth do not arise properly.
– Rotation malocclusions are visible when you have problems and issues with the alignments of your teeth.
– Transposition malocclusions arise when teeth do not erupt in their proper areas in your mouth.
– Underbites come about when the lower incisors do not sit properly with the upper incisors.
– Crossbites manifest when your upper and lower jawbones do not line up.

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